Brontë 200 - Emily Brontë and Wuthering Heights

Marlborough College Summer School

July 16th 2018 01:45pm - July 20th 2018 04:30pm

Marlborough College Summer School

Published in 1847, Wuthering Heights is a highly imaginative novel of passion, love and hate. Emily Brontë's eclectic style and the passionate overlay of the narrative have marked the novel as a work of genius. Aged only 30 when she died, Brontë has been acclaimed for her poetry as well as fiction. Her quiet life beset by illness and deaths, and her reserved nature masked the passion in Wuthering Heights, her only novel, now considered a classic. Over the course of five afternoons, tutor Katherine Gallagher will explore Wuthering Heights in the context of the enduring interest of its narrative twists and characters, alongside Brontë's life and achievements.


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