Fundraising Appeal -Museum Redecoration Fund

Returning the Parsonage to the house that Charlotte knew

Returning the Parsonage to the house that Charlotte knew

Donations received will fund the next stage of the Parsonage development, being the development and implementation of a decorations scheme to restore the Parsonage to looking as it did during the time of the Brontës.

2013 saw the start of the first major redecoration scheme in 25 years for Haworth Parsonage. Using historical and scientific analysis by academics from the University of Lincoln and referencing contemporary sources, including, of course, drawings and letters by the Brontës, the Parsonage underwent a major and dramatic change to the way it used to look. We aim to continue to restore the house to looking as it did during the main period of the Brontës’ occupation, but will also include features introduced by Charlotte as part of her major facelift for the house during the early 1850s when she began spending some of the income she’d earned from her novels 'Jane Eyre', 'Shirley' and' Villette'.

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We promise that any information you give will be used for Brontë Society purposes only.

If you can give anything - however small - you will be helping fund this exciting  initiative, and returning the Parsonage to the home the Brontës loved.

Thank you.

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