Château Ghoul 6 - 7pm

Friday 30 July 2021

The Brontë Festival of Women’s Writing 2021

The Brontë Festival of Women’s Writing 2021

Château Ghoul 
Friday 30 July, 6 - 7pm
Tickets: £15

Bronte Parsonage stalwarts LipService Theatre, present a multimedia haunted house thriller delivered over Zoom.

Château Ghoul is East Yorkshire's go-to boutique hotel offering themed weekends. Our hosts Brian and Brenda Binns or B&B as they are known, introduce a cornucopia of events: Blasted with the Brontes, a guide to the Yorkshire Moors; their supernatural sensation - Psychic Attraction, (like Fatal Attraction but without the rabbit), the Tour de Yorkshire Lycra Festival, and the ever popular 1970’s Shanga Langa Waddy Ding Dong experience. Guaranteed fun for all the family, the only trouble is – the guests keep dying... 

The online audience get involved making origami windmills which they twirl in their Zoom windows to conjure up an authentic Bronte wind.

This event will be managed by Lip Service and will take place on Zoom.

will last around 50 minutes and only 1 ticket is required per device.
This event has integrated BSL, captioning and an Audio Description option.

Full details of how to join the event will be sent once you have booked your place.  


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