#MeToo, Time's Up & Violence Against Women - The Staunch Prize

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Part of the 2019 Brontë Festival of Women's Writing

Part of the 2019 Brontë Festival of Women's Writing

The Staunch Book Prize was launched in 2018 and is awarded to the author of a novel in the thriller genre in which no woman is beaten, stalked, sexually exploited, raped or murdered. It aims to draw attention to the plethora of violence towards women in fiction, and to make space for exciting alternatives, narratives wherein female characters don’t serve merely as collateral to pump up the plot, and where they are not subject to physical or sexual violence purely as a means of motivating the (most often male) protagonist.
Join founder Bridget Lawless and writer and researcher of crime fiction Rachel Marsh for an evening of discussion around the Staunch prize, its timeliness and its (occasionally controversial) reception.

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Bridget Lawless is a writer working across film, education, fiction and journalism. She has written extensively on social issues, particularly drugs and violence, for schools. In 2018, having become increasingly concerned about the depiction of violence towards woman in novels, TV and film, and as the #Me Too and Time’s Up movements spread across the world., she founded the Staunch Book Prize. She researches and writes about how sexual, physical and mental violence towards women and girls are represented in popular culture and the impact of rape myths on justice for women. She lives in London in a former asylum for aged and pious women of the parish.

Currently a Doctoral candidate in creative writing with the University of Surrey, Rachel Marsh’s thesis investigates the intersection of satire and crime fiction. Rachel has been teaching literature and writing for twenty years. In 2019, she will be teaching at the Guildford Book Festival, the University of Edinburgh, Lifelong Learning Dundee, and at the Braemar Creative Arts Festival, where she is the writer-in-residence. For the 2019 Dundee Women’s Festival, Rachel presented a sold-out lecture on ‘Gender and Crime Fiction’. She has been published in literary anthologies, as well as academic texts, and as a journalist. Rachel lives in Scotland with her partner and her neighbour’s cat.
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