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- April in the Parsonage Garden

April Garden Diary
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I could think in the withered grass
Spring’s budding wreaths we might discern;
The violet’s eye might shyly flash
And young leaves shoot among the fern……
…..Before the lark may herald in
Fresh foliage twined with blossoms fair
And summer days again begin
Their glory – haloed crown to wear.
(Emily Jane Bronte – extracts from How still, How Happy)
Although the above poem concentrates much on winter conditions, it also seems to look forward and contrast the winter with the coming spring and eventual summer. This seems to be exactly where we are in the Parsonage garden this month.
April has typically had quite a mixture of seasonal conditions from above 20 degrees temperature and no rainfall on a few days to freezing night time temperatures. This of course gives us a few problems in checking that all the plants are still thriving. For instance do we water or do we wait for the rainfall?
However, in spite of these extremes, I think we have had some lovely displays of tulips, bleeding heart and even the simple forget-me-nots to mention just a few. As I write this, the oft understated ferns are beginning to show their fronds in a beautiful early show.
Jenny and I have been working a little independently recently due to our other commitments but mainly through the use of emails we have been keeping in touch and making sure that we are working in unison. Jenny has been busy populating the various tubs and pots around the Parsonage and I have been concentrating on preparing the lawns, aiming to make them look good over the coming months. Hopefully we will be able to spend more time together over the coming weeks.
We have both been dipping into our budget for new plants for the main beds to introduce some new varieties and in setting up a new quite large herb pot which will bring some fresh scents to the garden this year.
Of course we always remember April for being Charlotte’s birthday month and we have been keeping our eye on the “Charlotte’s Rose” that we planted last April and helping it along with a little food so that it will stun us in a few months, just as last year. If you visit us in June/July do look in the rear parsonage garden for the standard rose with the beautiful creamy blossoms. 
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