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May Garden Diary
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On a sunny brae, alone I lay
One summer afternoon;
It was the marriage time of May
With her young lover June.
                                          Emily Jane Brontë
Gosh!  May has been quite a month!  At the beginning, it was spring with tulips, bluebells, cowslips, primula and the leaves just starting to come out on the trees. The weather was in a funny mood: first it was cold then it was hot!  It was far too dry, leaving Geoff and I humping watering cans in the hope of keeping our newer plants going.  The grass was just starting to suffer in the heat when, at last, the heavens opened and we had rain accompanied by thunder and lightning − two wet days − what a relief!
Now we come to June.  I have a good feeling that it's going to be a lovely month and the garden will show us just what it can do.  The roses and the poppies are all in bud, iris are flowering, home grown lupins showing promise, as are the foxgloves.  We always have an amazing show of aquilegia.  It's a funny plant: you can never be sure just how the flowers will turn out.  Apparently, they are very promiscuous and happy to share their nectar with every bee that comes along.  The bee, I believe, passes the pollen around and we all look forward to seeing the results of these joyful unions.  The AGM is only a week away and so we are willing flowers to open.  We so want the garden to be at its best when all our members visit.  Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions for us.  We are always happy to hear from you.
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