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February Garden Diary
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The trees are bare, the sun is cold
And seldom, seldom seen –
The heavens have lost their zone of gold,
The earth its robe of green
How do I yearn, how do I pine
For the time of flowers to come,
And turn me from that fading shine –
To mourn the fields of home –
(Extracts from: ‘The bluebell is the sweetest flower’ - Emily Jane 1838)
Our first garden diary of the year and we thought with it being Emily’s special year we should start it with some apt words from her, particularly as we too are yearning for some warmer weather and colourful flowers!
We started in the garden a little earlier than normal this year as we knew we had a special visitor, the Duchess of Cornwall, paying us a visit mid-way through the month and we wanted the garden looking prim and proper, knowing that she is a keen gardener too! There are a few early flowers out now in the form of hellebores, snowdrops and aconites. Jenny has added some extra colour to the tubs including primroses and winter pansies.
Each year when first out in the garden it never ceases to amaze how much ‘debris’ (dead leaves, twigs and the like) there is to clear up. We have spent two or three full sessions doing this on our hands and knees being careful not to damage any bulbs or any of the fragile shoots coming through. This is all done now and we have forked the areas and added some nutrient to the soil ready for the growing season.
Probably by starting a little earlier than normal, by about two weeks, there will be a slight lull before we need to be active again, we can watch the daffodils and tulips emerge which should be the next phase of colour to show.
As in previous celebratory years we have some plans to commemorate Emily within the garden scene and we hope, possibly in March, to begin to transform an area which we can call “Emily’s” to complement Charlotte’s rose and Branwell’s bed!  
We hope you have enjoyed reading our first garden diary of the year and please come and visit the Parsonage soon and keep an eye out for all of the exciting Emily related events including the garden ones.
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