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- August in the Parsonage Garden

August Garden Diary
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I’ll not weep, because the summer’s glory
Must always end in gloom:
And, follow out the happiest story –
It closes with a tomb!
(Emily Jane – Stanzas – 1840)
Our summer is not quite ending yet and there is still some glory left in the garden, particularly with the second bloom of roses, some annuals and, most particularly, with various groups of Phlox. They have added a long lasting blaze of colour to many parts of the garden as we approach late August.
Jenny and I have been very pleased with our newly created beds over the last two years, notably a “woodland” themed bed and separate beds in remembrance of Emily’s and Branwell’s  200th birthdays. Although young beds, they have really developed through this growing season in spite of the drought conditions.
As we approach the end of the growing season our thoughts are turning to planning our pre-winter work and the new ideas that we might have for next springtime along with any preparatory work needed. We are thinking that the long bed by the side of the graveyard needs an overhaul and a new look, so this will be our main new project looking ahead. Seeing as next year is the celebration of Patrick accepting his new curacy at Haworth, we will have to call it “Patrick’s and Maria’s” bed.
Our immediate jobs at present however are to keep the garden as tidy as possible despite falling leaves and deadheads and to keep the colour lasting as long as possible. At the same time still keeping an eye on the moisture (or lack of it) in the ground. We have not yet put the hosepipe away – just in case!
The lawn this year has really required relatively little attention except for occasional light watering early on some mornings. It really has more or less looked after itself which is quite remarkable given the conditions. Perhaps it is labours of past times that have come to fruition but it has been a pleasure to enjoy it without requiring a lot of effort.
Although the seasons are beginning to change, autumn is still a beautiful time in the garden and we do hope you will be able to visit us at the parsonage and enjoy the forthcoming autumn colours.
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