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Garden diary
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For yonder garden, fair and wide,
With groves of evergreen,
Long winding walks, and borders trim,
And velvet lawns between;
Restore to me that little spot,
With grey walls compassed round,
Where knotted grass neglected lies,
And weeds usurp the ground.
(Extract from Home by Anne – undated)
Anne whilst away from home is longing to return and imagining her neglected garden there. Well, however much Anne wanted to return to her weeds and neglected grass, we have been busy these last couple of months trying to keep the weeds at bay, deadheading and maintaining the lawn. Sorry to disappoint you Anne!

Now there are three of us, these tasks are much easier as the labour is shared around, so thank you Theresa for coming to join us! We hope you are enjoying the garden and our rather informal ways of working.

There always seems to be something to do at this time of year as the garden transitions itself from one flowering phase to another. We have had the main burst of roses and they have been magnificent although there are still some coming through as we write.

The rear garden, which often gets neglected in its praise, is particularly colourful at present with Loosestrife, Astilbe, Crocosmia and Roses in full bloom to name just a few. Also the planters there are still very colourful too.

On the first Sunday in August we held a plant stall where visitors could swap or donate in exchange for a range of plant cuttings from the parsonage garden as well as some from our own gardens. It was a delight to meet so many keen gardeners and the weather was kind too. We thank you all for your donations and may your cuttings flourish!

The plants we had left over were placed in the parsonage garden in boxes for the following few weeks for visitors to help themselves. So thank you to those of you who donated to these and we hope that your plants thrive well and also that we can add some improvements and colour to the parsonage garden, probably in time for next year.

As the summer slowly draws to a close we will be trying to extend the flower show in the garden as much as possible, so please come and visit us before it is too late.
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