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A thank you to the 100s of you who helped bring this special item home
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In the summer of 2019, we learned that a Charlotte Brontë miniature manuscript, created when she was just fourteen years old, was coming up for auction in Paris.  The little book, dated 19 August 1830 and no bigger than a match box, is packed with stories and advertisements written in Charlotte's own hand.  It was expected to sell for at least £650,000.   For many months, we had been working hard to raise the funds from trusts and foundations,  but we wanted to be absolutely sure that we could go to the auction with a competitive bid.  On 25 October 2019, with just over three weeks to go until the auction,  we launched a Crowdfunder appeal with a target of £80,000.

We were overwhelmed by the response. Over twenty four days, 1090 supporters gifted £86,570 to our Crowdfunder campaign.  Together we brought Charlotte’s little book home to Haworth!  Thank you. 

You are all our Little Book champions, and, but we promised a 'reward' of a name listing for all those who donated between £20 and £50 via Crowdfunder.  If you donated anonymously or via another means (eg via our website or over the phone) you won’t find your name here.  Please be assured though, that we remain profoundly grateful for your support.  A heartfelt thank you to you all. 
Kirrabelle Lovell; Harry Jelley; Barbara Birch; Rebecca Ziebell; Sue Jordan; Kristina Windhof; Mary Megarry; Cécile Garitey; Louise Rutkowski;  Charlotte Topsfield; Karen Barrett; Vanessa Menzies; Annarita Verzola; SusanBriggsie; Judith Vine; Susan Szekely; Wendy Brandmark; Lise Moller; Emily Midorikawa; Lydia Craig; Robin Sparks; Ariane Karbe; Elisa Fierro; Célia Dotigny; Sharon Wright; Sharon Hardwick; Carole Wilbraham; Petrina Hartland; Betty Zausner; Yannick Piwetz; Claire Powell; Shaun Brookes; Andrea Bourne; Jim Bertoia; Anne Dahlström; Linda Bennewith; Kate Stephens; Edmondson; Sophie R Franklin; Valerie Chamberlain; Gemma Greenhalgh; Melinda; Aileen O'Farrell; Amy Ralston Seife; Anna Biley; Lyndsey Rockett; Lindsey Brady; Gill Jarvis; Fiona Thompson; Roger Hansell; Hannah Willis; Anne Serreboubée; Nicola Friar; Diane Baker; Polly Beauwin; Isobel Brann; Laurel Hausman; Elske Olijnsma; Andrea Aulds; Jeff and Judy Looney; Eluned Stow; Sharron Lloyd; Steph Pisharody; Rossanne Spencer; Sally Jaine; Catherine Henderson; Peter Emery; Elizabeth Hammond; M Turnpenny; Joanna Brown; Glynis Gammon; Jennifer Smith; Deborah Montgomery Graff; Mark Adams; Sue Wragg; Christine Leinweber; Karen Rollison; Theresa Slack; Suzanne Bath; Jessica Hubner; Mary Burdman; Helen Gordon; Jo Ward; Cheryl Sibson; Deborah McCumiskey; Ashley Poole; Sheila Anne Galloway; Meg Lorimer; Caroline Hawkridge; Debra Mills; Moira De Silva; Julie Trotman; Sarah Louise Goodenough; Jennifer Tibbitts; Paola Nardi; Marie Lorimer; Caroline Pinney; Natalie Porter; Stephen Hannigan; Rachel Pearce; Elettra Zuppardi; Hannah Bury; Ron Lorenc; Olivia Lee Stogner; Anna McFadyen; Sandie Dawe; Mary George; Louise Simms; Emily Hannon; Pamela Norris; Shahnaz Ahsan; Alison McGibbon; Cassandra Ferguson; Helen Collier; Julie Beardsworth; Juliet Ware; Gillian Buckingham; Becca Allen; Georgie Lord; Beth Anne Hickey; Guiomar Calvo; Siobhan Isles; Margaret Stewart; Elizabeth Ann Kerr; Sarah-jane Betteridge; Sophie & Leah Higgins; Suzanne Rowland; Michaela Barnard; Michelle Nicol; Nia Roberts; Cheryl Gelover; Philippa Smith; Amanda Schultz; Dawn Fairchild; Claire Coombs; Candy Gourlay; Nicola Futtit-Norman; Pamela Kelly; Lorna Faye Dunsire; Anne Lepage; Roz C; Kay Marshall; Susan Leedham; Robert Barnes; Claire Hindle; Heidi Cox; Caroline Godart; Lisa Gallo; Alex Corwin; Umar & Sofia; Alison Jane Salt; Michelle Wright; Jane Everitt; Ellen Rockley; Jane Satterfield; Elizabeth Bittner; Kjersti Sissener; Katharine Robbins; M'lissa Morgan; Helen Lickorish; Clare Lawrence; Katherine Wright; Katy Hoskyn; Margaret Muncy Willingham
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