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- Tiny poem by Charlotte comes to the market

For sale at Bonham's, April 10, it's estimated to sell for £40-45,000
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Photograph: Bonhams

A tiny poem, in Charlotte's distinctive minuscule handwriting, is about to come to the market on April 10 at Bonham's, London. Estimated to sell at between £40,000 - £45,000, it is a very early example of one of Charlotte's poems, dated 14 December 1829, and has, attached, the autograph note: 'from the Young Mans Intelligencer' (ie an edition of the the newspaper created by the Brontes for their toy soldiers).

Bear in mind when you read this, that Charlotte was just 13!

The poem itself reads:

I've been wandering in the greenwoods
And mid flowery smiling plains
I've been listening to the dark floods
To the thrushes thrilling strains

I have gathered the pale primrose
And the purple violet sweet
I've been where the Asphodel grows
And where lives the red deer fleet.

I've been to the distant mountain,
To the silver singing rill
By the crystal murmering mountain,
And the shady verdant hill.

I've been where the poplar is springing
From the fair inamelled ground
Where the nightingale is singing
With a solemn plaintive sound.

For more information see the Bonhams website.


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