Brontë 200 - Emily Brontë: A Peculiar Music

Bicentenary Conference

This is a past event.

Bicentenary Conference

The Brontë Society’s 2018 conference will celebrate the life and work of Emily Brontë in her bicentenary year. Variously described as visionary, determinedly private, and singular, Emily is the most enigmatic of the Brontë siblings, and this conference affords us opportunities to delve deeper into the complexities of her personality and her limited but extremely influential literary output.  We’re delighted to announce three keynote speakers: Professor Stevie Davies, novelist, literary critic, biographer and historian, who has published four books on Emily Brontë; Professor John Bowen, Professor of Nineteenth-Century Literature at the University of York, and contributor to BBC2's Being the Brontës, and recently Radio 4's In Our Time, discussing Wuthering Heights and Beyond Belief, discussing Jane Eyre; and Dr Hila Shachar, a member of the Centre for Adaptations at De Montfort University, whose research focuses on the adaptation of literary works and cultural afterlives. The keynotes will address, respectively, the lyricism of Emily’s work, landscape, and adaptations, and panel sessions will engage with a broad range of topics. Full programme details will be released in March.
The location for this year’s conference is spectacular York, a city steeped in ancient history, and renowned for its exquisite architecture, quaint cobbled streets, and iconic York Minster.
The conference venue is the elegant 4-star York Marriott Hotel, located just outside the city centre, with views over the historic York Racecourse. The hotel is fully accessible with all conference rooms on the ground floor, offers complimentary on-site parking, and is situated 1.4 miles from York railway station, a short taxi ride away.
The conference fee (£395 Single Room, £750 Double Room) includes two nights’ accommodation at York Marriott, and all meals and refreshments from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon, and there will be a special optional excursion to the Borthwick Institute for Archives at the University of York, whose holdings include Charlotte Brontë’s will.
To see the full conference programme please use 'Downloads' button on the left side of this page. 

We have released a limited number of day delegate tickets. We have divided the weekend into three separate packages, so you can decide to book one day only, two days or all three.

The special rates are as follows:
Friday 7 September – afternoon speakers + keynote speaker + dinner + after dinner event: £50.00
Saturday 8 September – whole conference day + lunch (day package, ending 6pm): £100.00.  There is an opportunity to book dinner and the after dinner event on Saturday evening for an additional £50.00
Sunday 9 September – morning speakers + lunch: £50.00

Click below to see the programme of the conference.
Emily Brontë: A Peculiar Music
Friday 7 September to Sunday 9 September
The Marriott Hotel, York

All lectures will take place in The Classics Suite

2:00-4.00pm Conference registration in the hotel foyer
3.00-4.00pm Check-in at the hotel reception by hotel staff
3.00-4.00pm Bookstall open. Tea, coffee and cakes served in The County Room
4.00pm Introduction and welcome
4.05pm Keynote lecture, Professor Stevie Davies, ‘Emily Bronte’s Lyric
Consciousness: Style and Meaning in her Poetry and Prose’

5.00-6.30pm Panel Session: INFLUENCES
5.00-5.20pm John Hennessy: Was Emily Brontë influenced by the Personality and Music of Beethoven?
5.20-5.40pm Edwin Moorhouse Marr: Wuthering Heights and King Lear: Revisited
5.40-6.00pm Lydia Craig: The Devastating Impact of Lord Wharton’s Bible Charity in Wuthering Heights
6.00-6.30pm Questions and discussion

6.30-7.30pm Drinks reception
7.30pm Dinner
9.00pm After dinner event: Screening of a Regular Black: the Hidden Wuthering Heights, followed my musings, reflections and commentary by Dr Michael Stewart and Dr Amber Pouliot, with Dr Claire O'Callaghan chairing proceedings.

7.30-9.15am Breakfast

9.30-10.30am Key note lecture, Professor John Bowen, ‘Dividing the Desolation’
10.30-11.00am Tea, coffee and cakes. Bookstall open.

11.00-12.30pm Panel Session: Interpretative Acts
11.00-11.20am Dr Micael M Clarke: The Mystical Double Vision of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
11.20-11.40am Dr Simon Avery: ‘Rebellious and contending music: Charlotte Mew’s
engagement with Emily Brontë’s poetry
11.40-12.00pm Dr Amber Regis: Interpreting Emily: ekphrasis and allusion in CB’s
‘Editor’s Preface’ (1850)
12.00-12.30pm Questions and discussion

12.30-1.45pm Lunch and free time
1.00-2.00pm Bookstall open
2.00-4.00pm Optional Excursion: Visit to Borthwick Institute at York University
Panel session: ‘A peculiar music’: the poetry of Emily Brontë
2.00-2.20pm Dr James Quinnell: ‘I would have touched the heavenly key’: Dissonance in Emily Brontë’s poetry and the Influence of William Wordsworth’s Immortality Ode
2.20-2.40pm Ann-Marie Richardson: The harmonisation of Emily Brontë’s elegiac ‘lullabies’ with those in Henry Kirke White’s Poetical Works
2.40-3.00pm Dr Peter Cook: ‘Wiser than thy sire’: Youth and Age in Emily Brontë’s Poetry
3.00-3.20pm Dr Simon Marsden: Ghost Writing: Emily Brontë and Spectrality
3.20-3.50pm Questions and discussion

4.00-4.30pm Tea, coffee and cakes. Bookstall open
4.30-6.00pm Panel session: Queer readings
4.30-4.50pm Lorraine Rumson: Queering Lockwood: Wuthering Heights’ Framing Device
as Alternative to Heteroromanticism.
4.50-5.10pm Emily Datskou: Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Heathcliff and Catherine
Linton: The Queering of Families and Temporality in EB’s Wuthering Heights
5.10-5.30pm Dr Claire O’Callaghan: Emily Brontë’s songs of solitude
5.30-6.00pm Questions and discussion

6.00-7.30pm Free time
6.00-7.00pm Bookstall open
7.30-9.00pm Conference Dinner
9.00pm After dinner address: by author, TV presenter, and historian in residence on BBC Radio 4's 'The Rest is History', Dr Kate Williams, 'Emily Brontë - My Specialist Subject!' 

7.30-9.15am Breakfast

9.30-10.30am Keynote lecture, Dr Hila Shachar, 'Muse, Sister, Myth: The Cultural Afterlives of Emily Brontë on Screen'
10.30-10.50am Tea and coffee

10.50-12.20pm Panel session: Contemporary Readings
10.50-11.10am Dr María Seijo-Richart: Emily Brontë’s Gondal saga: a precedent of fan-fiction?
11.10-11.30am Sophie Franklin: ‘Hush, hush!’: Voicing Domestic Violence in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
11.30-11.50am Dr Sarah Fanning: Inventing Emily: the Mythography of the Biopic
11.50-12.20pm Questions and discussions

12.20-12.30pm Closing remarks
12.30-2.00pm Lunch
1.00-2.00pm Bookstall open

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