The Bronte Lounge with Eleanor Houghton

Thursday 09 June 2022

Discussing latest exhibition 'Defying Expectations'

Discussing latest exhibition 'Defying Expectations'

The Bronte Lounge is back with a very special guest. 
Historian, writer and illustrator Dr Eleanor Houghton will be joining us in the Brontë Lounge to talk to our host, Helen Meller, about her curation of the Brontë Parsonage Museum’s current exhibition, Defying Expectations: Inside Charlotte Brontë’s Wardrobe. 
Over the past six years, Eleanor has carried out a vast amount of research into the Brontë clothing collection and most particularly, the garments and accessories that once belonged to Charlotte Brontë. Alongside her academic studies, Eleanor has also worked as historical costume advisor for numerous film and television productions, including To Walk Invisible, Gentleman Jack, Frances O’Connor’s Emily and the upcoming BBC adaptation of Benjamin Myers’ acclaimed book, The Gallows Pole. 
In this special event, Eleanor will talk about the exhibition and the research and artworks upon which it is based. There will also be the opportunity for you, the audience, to ask Eleanor questions about her very varied work via the zoom ‘chat’ function. It is set to be a great evening, so do be sure to book a ticket!
Check out our new exhibition 'Defying Expectation: Inside Charlotte Bronte's Wardrobe', and find out more about Eleanor's work on her website and her instagram @eleanorhoughtonhistorian .

The event will take place Thursday 9th June. Tickets cost £6 and the event will start at 7.30pm UK time (GMT). To book a ticket please use our online booking system to the left of this page, or ring 01535 642323.

This event will take place via zoom.  It is a live event and will not be recorded.

Full details of how to join the event will be sent once you have booked your place. 
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