The Brontës and FRIENDS

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An online talk from the Brontë Parsonage Museum

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An online talk from the Brontë Parsonage Museum

Join us for an online version of this Thursday Talk, analysing proto-feminist themes in the Brontës sisters’ work through the lens of the iconic 90s comedy sitcom FRIENDS

The One where Jane Eyre is a cyborg

In Season 5, Episode 9 of the comedy television series FRIENDS, Phoebe and Rachel join a late-night literature class studying Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. While Phoebe gets stuck into the symbolism of the moors, Rachel comes to understand how the books were light-years ahead of their time, in more ways than one...

Although a fleeting and playful reference to the Brontës, there are many aspects of FRIENDS that speak to the pervasive and forward-thinking feminism found in the Brontës’ novels.

Phoebe, Monica and Rachel may be the iconic female trio of a generation, but who could be more iconic than the original trio of Charlotte, Emily and Anne?
Date: Thursday 23 November, 7.30pm (GMT)
Tickets: £5

This online event will take place via Zoom. This is a live event and will not be recorded.

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This is an online event delivered via Zoom. Want to join person? We will be running an in-person version of this Thursday Talk at the Museum. Find out more.
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