Sinister, uncanny, macabre

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An online talk from the Brontë Parsonage Museum

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An online talk from the Brontë Parsonage Museum

Join us for a discussion exploring the gothic in the Bronte novels, perfectly timed for October!

Chilling laughter in the darkest hours. A lost ghost-child at the window. A long dead corpse exhumed by a grief crazed lover and a mysterious visitor mutilated, as though by a vampire…

All are scenarios in the Brontes’ novels and we could go on! Though we might first think of stories of wild passion, doomed or fulfilled when we think of Emily and Charlotte’s novels, they were also fantastically skilled at creating an atmosphere of the sinister, the uncanny, even the macabre. But can we say the Brontes were Gothic novelists?

Join us for this talk which explores this question, and tell us what you think!

Thursday Talks are delivered by our knowledgeable Museum staff.  

Date: Thursday 12 October, 7.30pm (GMT)
Tickets: £5

This online event will take place via Zoom. This is a live event and will not be recorded.
This is an online event delivered via Zoom. Want to join person? We will be running an in-person version of this Thursday Talk at the Museum the very same day. Find out more.
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