How to Build a Storyteller

Wednesday 20 March 2024

An audio storytelling installation in the Servant's Room.

March 20th 2024 12:00am - January 02nd 2025 12:00am

An audio storytelling installation in the Servant's Room.

Storyteller-in-Residence Sophia Hatfield has created an immersive audio storytelling journey in collaboration with theatre designer Rachel Shore.

We invite you to take a seat in the rocking chair in the Servant's Room and become lost in fantastical tales and music. This installation is inspired by the Yorkshire folk tales the Brontës' servant, Tabitha, would have told - tales which likely sparked a fascination with storytelling in the young Brontë siblings.

The imaginative worlds dreamt up by the Brontë children are brought to life alongside a sewing box, overflowing with everyday objects that soon become characters from make-believe lands in a young child's eyes...

With time to play, share stories, and create these rich imaginary worlds, the Brontë siblings were given the opportunity to hone their skills as artists at a time when many children were unable to access even a basic education.

Play and creativity can enrich our sense of wellbeing and allow us to shape our own unique view of the world. Our creative voices can be ignored, but never silenced, and so above all, this installation invites you to take a moment away from the noise and distractions of today’s hectic world and feed your imagination...
Date: Running every day the Museum is open between Wednesday 20 March and Thursday 2 January.
Tickets: This installation is free with entry to the Museum - just call in at the Servant's Room on your way around. Book your ticket to the Museum here.

If you'd like to download an accessible audio transcript of this installation, please click the 'downloads' tab at the top of this page.
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