Japanese Tea Ceremony with Ayaka Morimoto

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Building 'Stormy House'

Building 'Stormy House'

Stormy House is an exciting project led by Whitestone Arts, bringing together Japanese artists with young people from across West Yorkshire, to explore the ghostly elements of Wuthering Heights in relation to the kaidan (Japanese ghost tales) collected and translated by Greco-Irish writer and traveller, Patrick Lafcadio Hearn. In this special development day curated by Whitestone Arts, we offer a window into the creation of this innovative project. You can find out more about Stormy House here.

The tea ceremony is perhaps the most elegant of Japanese traditions, combining refined etiquette, religious symbolism and healing power. Ayaka Morimoto trained in the culture of old Japan from the age of six, and performs at the Camellia Tea Ceremony in Kyoto, where Whitestone Arts met her in 2017. Whitestone Arts invite audiences to watch a Japanese tea ceremony performed by Ayaka Morimoto and we hope to facilitate some members of the audience taking a turn.

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