From Page to Publication - The Life of a Book

Saturday 21 September 2019

Part of the 2019 Brontë Festival of Women's Writing

Part of the 2019 Brontë Festival of Women's Writing

Join a wide range of speakers for a whole morning looking at the life of a book, tracing the process from author to agent, from publisher to bookseller to reader. Broken down into three different panels, these sessions are designed to bust myths and provide accurate answers to any questions you might have about the world of publishing, featuring real experiences and tips from authors who are negotiating this world and from the professionals with all the answers. These are panels that aim to lift the veil and openly discuss the journey from page to publication, straight from the mouths of people who have experienced it, and from those who facilitate it.
10am: Who Writes Me & How?

Featuring input from author Liz Flanagan, debut YA author Lucy Powrie, poet Clare Shaw and Claire Malcolm, Chief Executive of New Writing North, learn more about the journey from first draft to finished book, and about the support available to help develop and nurture emerging writers.
11am: Who Buys Me and Why?
Hear from Rachel Mann of the Jo Unwin Literary Agency, publisher Kevin Duffy of Bluemoose Books and editorial director Katy Loftus of Penguin as they discuss their roles in the publishing industry, what they love about their work and – the biggest question of all – what they look for in a writer or manuscript.
12pm: Who Sells Me and How?
Join Jane Skudder of Waterstones, Kate Claughan of independent book shop The Book Case, Sam Missingham of Lounge Books and vlogger and BookTuber Lucy Powrie as they talk about their experiences in selling, reviewing and marketing books, and what makes them truly passionate about a title.

12.45pm-1.30pm: Break

1.30pm: From Page to Publication - Ask The Experts
After a short break, experts from our panels will return for a period of individual Q&As. If you’re intrigued by anything you learned during the morning, or have a burning question you think they might be able to answer, our experts will be available for an hour to answer your queries on a one to one basis. There will be chance for more in-depth discussion than you might get in a public Q&A, but please try not to entirely dominate a full hour of their time with a list of questions – we anticipate that this will be a very popular event!

Tickets are Pay What You Feel £5, £7 or £10

Event included in Festival Weekend Pass.
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