Contemporary Arts - 2021 - Contemplating Hope installation

Artist Layla Khoo invites visitors to share their hopes and dreams
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Artist Layla Khoo invites visitors to share their hopes and dreams

Artist Layla Khoo has been commissioned by the Brontë Parsonage Museum to create 'Contemplating Hope', an installation inspired by the hopes, reflections and ambitions Emily and Anne Brontë recorded in their diary papers. At the Museum in Haworth, a series of twelve ceramic vessels creating by Layla, one for each month of the year, will be filled with the reflections and hopes of our visitors. On this webpage you can contribute your thoughts towards the project wherever you currently are.
Anne and Emily started writing their diary papers in 1834 and continued writing them approximately every four years until 1845. Doing so was an act of hope for the two sisters. They reflected on their past, documented their present and imagined their future; they found hope amongst the many hardships in their lives and times.
Recent times have been difficult for us all. The pandemic has affected all of us and we have been faced with new challenges. In the midst of these difficulties, there have been, and continue to be, moments of hope and examples of individuals and communities coming together, giving us all something to hold on to and look forward to.

Layla Khoo invites you to take a moment to think about your present and your hopes for the future. Your thoughts and hopes may be personal or global; achievable or epic;  for tomorrow or for a broader future.

In four years time we will gather all of your contributions, including breaking open the ceramic vessels, and share some of our hopes and contemplations.

We hope you can visit Layla Khoo’s work at the Brontë Parsonage Museum soon.
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