Contemporary Arts - 2022- Nicky Peacock, Writer in Residence

Join writer and artist Nicky on her residency journey
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Join writer and artist Nicky on her residency journey

Nicky Peacock was born in the northeast of England during the last summer of the 1960s.
She suffered from chronic tonsillitis and enjoyed concrete play parks.
A childhood truant, Nicky spent time at home writing girlcentric ghost stories, or at the library
looking for books on how to divine the past lives of the members of Depeche Mode.
She discovered she wanted to be an artist when she photographed her cat wearing a knitted
bonnet at a makeshift tea party.
Nicky is a multidisciplinary artist.
Previous incarnations include drummer in a Riot Grrrl band, 
copywriter, fashion editorial artist, published photographer, and curator specialising in participatory and confessional arts.
Nicky is a storyteller, part hermit, part suburban explorer.
Her work is often playful, 
revealing undertones of disquiet and the macabre. She is ever curious about the secret worlds of ordinary folk, reimagining the real into enigmatic and extraordinary tableaux, using imagery and the written word.
For this residency, she will be wandering and wondering about the preternatural spell of the Brontes and their hometown of Haworth.

She is looking forward to meeting the surrealists, 
the eccentrics, and the romantics during her 12-month tenure as Writer in Residence for the Brontë Parsonage Museum.
She currently lives in Teesside with a begonia and the ghost of two cats.

Join Nicky on her 12 month residency as Writer at the Bronte Parsonage Museum.
You can keep up to date with her journey on her blog- The Bronte Daybook and her Instagram @witchesbirdies . We're excited to see what Nicky creates over the year, and we hope you are too.