Brontëan Abstracts

16 September – 31 December 2006

Turner prize-nominated artist Cornelia Parker developed new work in response to the Parsonage collection, enabling Museum visitors to see the Brontës interpreted through the work of a major British artist. Cornelia Parker was interested in exploring the underside of the Brontës' monumentality and this remarkable body of new work offered new perspectives on the myths and stereotypes that have been built around the Brontës, challenging our preconceptions about them. The Brontës' items were examined in new ways, to explore marks left unconsciously - the pin pricks in Charlotte's pin cushion, ink blots on blotting paper and the scribblings out on manuscripts - as well microscopic views of Charlotte's quill pen and analysis conducted on samples of their hair.

A limited edition exhibition catalogue is available below for purchase. 

Images courtesy the artist and Frith Street Gallery.