Ways to the stone house

September 28 - December 3 2012

Photographer and filmmaker Simon Warner presented a series of tiny landscape films and projections for display in the period rooms of the Brontë Parsonage Museum.

The Brontës’ works are intimately connected with the South Pennine moors and the exhibition brought this unique landscape back into their former home. Simon’s miniature films echoed the small scale of the Brontës’ own possessions, and their great imaginative kingdoms contained within the pages of tiny books. The exhibition also documented the progressive ruination of Top Withens -  the moorland farmhouse often associated with Wuthering Heights - using photographs from the Parsonage archives as well as iconic images by Bill Brandt, Fay Godwin and Alexander Keighley, and an original sketch of Top Withens by Sylvia Plath, made on her first visit with Ted Hughes in 1956.

Ways to the stone house was commissioned as part of the Watershed Landscape project. An exhibition catalogue is available. 

Images courtesy the artist. Sylvia Plath sketch courtesy Bel Mooney. Fay Godwin courtesy the British Library

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