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Emma Conally-Barklem curates a special suite of wellbeing resources
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Emma Conally-Barklem curates a special suite of wellbeing resources

Wellbeing looks different for everyone. Some might take a walk in nature, others may have a cup of tea. At the Bronte Parsonage Museum we want to support people across the globe to take a moment for themselves, and support mindfulness. 
We have commisioned Emma Conally-Barklem, poet, yogi and artist, who has curated a special suite of wellbeing resources with a Bronte twist. Each resource explores the Bronte's writing and the Haworth landscape.
First up, released on Wednesday 3 August, is a Brontë -themed 15 minute accessible yoga class which has both chair and mat-based options. It is suitable for all and led with Emma’s usual focus on kindness and respect whatever body you are in. The class is infused with the lives and work of the Brontës' as we connect body, mind and breath to encourage peaceful release and easing of everyday tensions.

Watch below! This resource will be available on our website and Youtube indefinitley, and for free, so you can use it whenever you're in need of a breather.

Second, released on Wednesday 10 August, is a Bronte-themed 15 minute guided meditation and relaxation which can be practiced from a chair, seated or laying down. Initially we will focus on a mindful awareness of the breath. Then, Emma will guide you through a visual meditation which takes in the sights, sounds and landscape of a walk from the Brontë Parsonage Museum towards Top Withins. The class closes with a guided relaxation and an encouragement to let go and be. 

Lastly, Emma has created an interactive journaling resource which can be used at any time for writing inspiration. This may help you to feel a connection to the lives and work of the Brontë’s, wherever you happen to be in the world. Journaling and writing can be a therapeutic process which helps to stoke creativity, aid self-expression and create a space for the budding writers and poets amongst you. 

Click on the 'downloads' tab on the top left hand corner on this page. You can find a PDF or Word version of Emma's journalling resource to download and use whenever you may like. 

These three resources will be available on our site for free and indefinitely. We hope you may find a moment of mindfulness, and please let us know if you do! 
Emma Conally-Barklem is a yoga teacher, freelance writer and poet based in North Yorkshire, England. She writes on nature, mental health, grief, social justice, family and wellbeing. Her poetry has featured in many literary journals and print anthologies.
She currently has a twelve month ‘Yoga through the Seasons’ feature with Spirit & Destiny magazine. She has written a collection on the Brontë sisters called ‘Hymns from the Sisters’.Her yoga and grief memoir ‘You Can’t Hug a Butterfly’ has been accepted for traditional publication by QuillKeepers’ Press in 2024.
Emma teaches yoga classes, workshops and retreats both home and in beautiful places by the sea, away. She has a Youtube channel EmmaLiveYoga with free subscription. Details at, IG @emmaliveyoga 
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