Resources and information for children aged 5 to 11

Our uniquely-resourced education service offers an exciting range of talks and workshops in history, literature and drama.

If you want to discover more about specific workshops, or if you have any queries about your visit, email or call 01535 640192. If you wish to talk to our Learning Officer Sue Newby please call 01535 640185 or email

We are happy to customise any course or workshop to suit your needs. Click 'Read more' below for more details.

We offer special rates for booking more than one workshop:

If booking 2 workshops: £9.00 per pupil, including Museum entry
Please note that if one of the workshops is a moorland walk, the rate is £11.00.

If booking 3 workshops: £11.00 per pupil, including Museum entry (£13 if one of the workshops is a moorland walk).