Principal events in the lives of the Brontë family

April 1814

Maria Brontë, daughter of Patrick and Maria, born
February 8, 1815 Elizabeth Brontë born

Patrick becomes curate at Thornton

April 21, 1816 Charlotte Brontë born
June 26, 1817 Patrick Branwell Brontë born
July 30, 1818 Emily Jane Brontë born
January 17, 1820 Anne Brontë born
April 20, 1820 Patrick becomes curate of Haworth; family moves
September 15, 1821 Maria Brontë (the children’s mother) dies of cancer
1824 Maria and Elizabeth attend Cowan Bridge school. Charlotte and Emily follow later in the year.
May 6, 1825 Maria dies of tuberculosis
June 15, 1825 Elizabeth dies of tuberculosis
June, 1825 Charlotte and Emily return home
January 1831 Charlotte attends Roe Head School
May 1832 Charlotte returns home
1835 Branwell plans to attend the Royal Academy Schools in London, but the plan comes to nothing
July 1835 Charlotte becomes a teacher at Roe Head School. Emily becomes a student there.
October 1835
Emily returns home. Anne takes her place.
September 1837 Emily becomes teacher at Law Hill School
December  1837 Charlotte and Anne return home after Anne becomes ill. Charlotte resigns her position.
1838 Branwell goes to Bradford to become a portrait painter
March 1838 Emily returns home from Law Hill School
April 1839 Anne becomes governess to the Ingham family
December 1839 Anne is dismissed by the Ingham family
May 1840 Anne becomes governess to the Robinson family
August 1840 Branwell works as assistant clerk at Sowerby Bridge Railway Station
February 1842 Charlotte and Emily go to Brussels as pupils at the Pensionnat Heger
October 29, 1842 Aunt Branwell dies
November 1842 Charlotte and Emily return home
January 1843 Charlotte returns to Brussels as a teacher in the Pensionnat Heger. Branwell becomes tutor to the Robinson family
January  1844 Charlotte comes home
June 11, 1845 Anne resigns from her position as governess to the Robinson family
July 1845 Branwell is dismissed from the Robinson family, probably for having an affair with Mrs Robinson
May 1846 Publication of Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell
October 19, 1847 Charlotte's Jane Eyre published
December 1847 Anne's Agnes Grey and Emily's Wuthering Heights published
June 1848 Anne's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall published
September 24, 1848 Branwell dies of tuberculosis
December 19, 1848 Emily dies of tuberculosis
May 28, 1849 Anne dies of tuberculosis
1849 Charlotte's Shirley is published
1853 Charlotte's Villette is published
June 29, 1854 Charlotte marries Arthur Bell Nicholls
March 31, 1855 Charlotte dies of tuberculosis and/or complications in pregnancy
1857 Charlotte's The Professor is published
June 7, 1861 The Reverend Patrick Brontë dies


With thanks to Meredith Birmingham Brenner.