Places outside Haworth where the Brontës lived and walked

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Yorkshire people like to think of the Brontës as true Yorkshire folk, but the truth is they were entirely Celtic by birth. With an Irish father and a Cornish mother their connection with Yorkshire was purely through settlement rather than blood.

Although they knew, loved and wrote about the Yorkshire moors with more passion than anyone before or since, the Brontës were also - contrary to popular opinion - well-travelled women for their day. Both Emily and Charlotte travelled to Brussels and lived there in order to improve their French. After the success of Jane Eyre Charlotte travelled to the Lake District, several times to London, and visited Ireland on honeymoon after marrying her father's curate Arthur Bell Nicholls.

Because of the strong sense of place to be found in their novels, though, it is the Yorkshire sources for their fictional houses, towns and landmarks that continue to fascinate Bronte enthusiasts and scholars above all. Our gallery of pictures, above, shows just a few of these and the other places the Brontës knew and loved.