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Information and help for negotiating Haworth and the Parsonage
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Information and help for negotiating Haworth and the Parsonage

We pride ourselves on giving a warm welcome to all our visitors, but acknowldege that the setting and physical layout of the Museum might be challenging for some.  On this page we have included as much information as possible to enable you to prepare for your visit.
Footwear, wheelchairs and pushchairs: Haworth's streets are steep, and Main Street is cobbled with the square stones known as 'setts', so it's a good idea to wear low heels or flat shoes when you visit.  It's also hard work pushing a wheelchair up to the top!

Disabled parking is available in the car park adjacent to the Museum, but there are steps between the two. The only access to the Museum itself by road is via Church Street, off Main Street, but because of the narrowness of the road, this can be accessed only as a dropping-off point, and not for parking.

Disabled access to the Museum Visitors totally confined to a wheelchair may enter through the Admissions Door on Church Street free of charge, but unfortunately will not be able to gain access to the rest of the Museum. For those confined to a wheelchair some of the time, access to the Museum can be made via the Admissions Door, and then up four steps on to the ground floor, although the first floor will not be accessible.  (Entry through the main door requires climbing several quite steep steps, and there is no handrail, although if we are notified in advance, a Museum Assistant can be on hand to help visitors up the steps as far as they are able). There are seats dotted around the house for those who struggle with mobility to rest.

Entry fees for disabled visitors and carers: If disabled visitors are able to visit only with the assistance of a carer, that carer is entitled to enter with them free of charge.

Large-print room guides are available for those who would like to use them.

Restrictions within the Museum: For the security and preservation of our collection, we do not allow the consumption of food and drink on the premises or commercial photography and filming without prior arrangement.  Visitors who wish to take photographs for their personal use are respectfully asked not to use a flash.

Registered assistance dogs, or registered assistance dogs in training, are welcome at the Museum. Other dogs are not allowed into the Museum or garden.

Trained first-aiders are on hand at the Museum at all times should visitors require assistance.