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- Planting Trees for Biodiversity

We're helping Brontë Country stay wild for future generations.
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Whether it’s snowdrops bursting through the ground in the churchyard or blustery lunchtime walks taking in sweeping views, we’re constantly inspired by the natural world around us here at the Brontë Parsonage Museum – just as the Brontës themselves were.
That’s why we made a pledge in December 2023: instead of posting cards over the festive season, we donated to a local tree-planting initiative, YORgreen CIC, allowing them to buy a number of fruit trees and hawthorn bushes for a site in nearby Oxenhope. It’s one more way we can put the environment first and help protect the beautiful wilderness the Brontës knew and loved.

But we weren’t going to miss out on the fun part! Our green-fingered Director, Rebecca Yorke, along with Programme Officer Sassy Holmes and Marketing Officer Connie Rout, had their spades at the ready and got digging – joining YORgreen and Oxenhope Climate Action to improve the biodiversity of our local area…

First off, we planted the fruit trees. Carefully, we made holes, loosened the earth, and lowered the trees into place, filling any gaps with soil to ensure a snug fit. These trees, which included apple and plum, should begin to bear delicious fruits after around two years, depending on the variety and size. It’s wonderful to imagine them being there, in their new home, for decades to come!

Next, we moved on to the hawthorn bushes. These don’t look like much to start – just a thick, stringy root – but, once grown, they’ll provide shelter for birds and bugs, and blossom with fragrant white flowers. The berries (or ‘haws’) they produce offer a tasty and nutritious treat to migrating birds, like redwings and thrushes, as well as small mammals.